Why is it better for me to choose a program through NAIS Football than to contact Spanish football schools/academies directly?​
Contacting NAIS Football has several advantages. From the first moment you contact with us we provide only valuable information for you to chose an ideal program that best meets your needs and interest. ​
We will guide you with a pleasure through everything. We will answer any questions you may have in the process of choosing your program and walk you through the process of signing up for your program. ​
NAIS Football checks up customers – both you and the football academies/companies’ satisfaction regularly and constatnly as follow-up care. ​

What language service do you have? ​
Our service is in Korean, English, Spanish, Portuguese and French. ​
If you speak neither English nor Spanish, don’t worry. We will assist you to prepare any documents in English or Spanish you’d need to submit for the program you’re interested in. We will make sure that language is not an impediment at any time. Don’t hesitate to ask us to help you! ​

Why is NAIS Football a trustworthy agency? ​
The reason why you can trust our agency is because NAIS Football understands very well the reality of football sector of both Spain and Korea, and even other countries in Africa and Asia. For last 15 years we worked with various Spanish football clubs and companies with history and long tradition, as well as overseas professional football clubs. All the program introduced by NAIS Footbal are from the academy/company that we worked with in the past and we made a compilation of programs of high reputation and 100 percent guaranteed satisfaction for our clients. ​

How can I contact with NAIS Football?​
You can write an email to info@naisfootball.com or contact us by phone ( +82-70-8884-0777). You can also leave a message on this website, in the menu tab ‘Contact Us’. ​
We will answer as soon as possible to help you. We can arrange a meeting in person or speak on the phone line or messenger app for the consultation. ​

Do you have a fixed period of consultation? How long can I consult your agency?​
NAIS Football cares about you and everyone who loves football. We would be pleased if our client makes a good choice and be happy all afterwards all with an excellent service. We take care of your needs for (pre/during/post) program. ​

Do I need a VISA to go to Spain?​
For Korean citizens, you can travel for 90 days at maximum as a tourist without a VISA which means that if the football activity you are inteterested in is held for less than 90 days in Spain, you do not need to worry about apply a VISA to go to Spain. However, if you would like a program of long period more than 90 days, you need to apply a VISA. In general, it’s for those who want to join a football academy (study and football) or club for a prolonged period. In this case, NAIS Football will advise you the visa process and procedure.

When does an academy start a program?​
An academic year in Spain starts in August or September and completes in the end of June. It is applied to both in schools and football clubs. It’d be optimal if you join the academy when they start a new academic year. However, if you wishes to start as soon as possible or at a specific date, you may do so as long as the academy is in operation.​

Which type of VISA do I need to stay in Spain for an academy (in case I stay more than 90 days?) ​
You need a student visa. Since you finished the enrollment, your academy sends you an admission letter to be submitted to the Spanish Embassy in your country, which certifies that you are going to study at their institution. NAISFootball will guide you through the VISA process. ​

Can I pay the tuition fees in installments? ​
Yes, the academies offer the possibility of the installment pay. ​

Will someone come to pick up the player when she/he arrives at the airport? ​
Yes. A staff from academy will be waiting for the player in the airport and take her/him to the residence. ​

Can my child play competition games of her/his academy? ​
It is a very sensitive issue and many parents want to know about this clearly. NAIS Football gives you an answer with correct information since it is a topic that has created a lot of controversy and doubts to the parents and the young players who want to play in Spain. ​

Few years ago the official FIFA organization decided to establish the rules that regulated the international transfer of minors. This regulation causes now that minors who moves to another country face to many difficulties in gaining a license that allows them to play federated matches (championship leagues regulated by the national and territorial football associations linked to UEFA and the FIFA in the European continent). ​

FIFA’s rules say players aged 18 or under can only be transferred abroad if one of three criteria are met: 1) if their parents emigrated for non-footballing reasons, 2) both clubs are in the EU or European Economic Area and the player is aged between 16 and 18, or 3)the player lives within 100km of the new club.​

As you can see these conditions make it almost impossible for the young players who move to the oversea academies to play. This is the reality and it’s important to know the truth. ​

The academies that work with NAIS Football cannot provide licenses to the players but organize friendly matches weekly so that the players continuously have rhythm of competition. The academies arrange matches against local teams in the area and against top-level teams. Apart from this, the academies participate in major tournaments organized by private organizations during different dates, offering players the chance to compete at a high level. ​

There are some academies whose players play in the federation leagues, but their participation and classification in these games are in many limited circumstances. For instance, the other team who was supposed to play with your team could call off the competition because your team technically violates the FIFA rule, even though it rarely happens. Frankly speaking, it is then okay that your child has an opportunity to play in the federation match, but if somebody reports it to the concerned federation, your children will be banned from their matches. Thus, it is important that parents should know this situation clearly from the beginning. Nevertheless, these academies prioritize the opportunities to play in the matches and satisfaction of their players who are eager to play matches as many as possible. The academies and clubs continue fighting against the present regulation on international transfer of minors.​

If you are told by someone that your children can go to an academy or club in another country and can play in the federation matches without any problem or condition, it is false and it means that they will surely seek to use this false information to attract clients for their own advantages. ​

What activities do you have on the weekends? ​
The players usually have football games on the weekends. When they don’t have any, they usually go to assist to football games, or they have some cultural and recreational activities outside the residence. Some academies provide optional individual training lesson with extra fees. ​

Will my child be promoted to a higher-level team? ​
Any player who joins our academies will be more likely to be recruited by a stronger team. With the systematic training by professionals and games against these teams, your child will understand the football much better in many aspects. His/her improved skill and performance will be seen by the recruiters of the great clubs. Just the fact that you are trained in a Spanish academy already gives you the great opportunities to be exposed to the scouters. ​

Is it easy to join the professional teams? ​
Of course not, it is not easy. ​
NAIS Football is not going to trick you by promising things that are very complicated. The level of the Professional club’s youth teams in the Spanish first division teams is VERY high. It is very difficult to be part of these teams if you do not have such a high level. As the young players from everywhere in the world come to Spain just like your child, the compatition is beyond your imigination. Very few manage to have a chance to enter these teams. However, it is true that being part of the academies NAIS Football introduce to you is going to help your child to improve his/her level of performance and skill, also physically and mentally.

Is it worth joining a soccer camp in Spain? ​
Abslutely yes! Joining a football camp in Spain means that your children will enjoy football with high-methodological-level coaches while making great memories out of your country. Football camps in Spain are great opportunities to improve your children’s football level. In the mean while they also interact with new friends from other cultures. They will learn football intensively, but with lots of fun, foreign language improvement and cultural enrichment. ​

What language(s) will be the camp lanuage ? ​
English and Spanish. There is no need to worry about language. The coaches already have experience when it comes to teaching and living together with children who speak little English or hardly speak. At the training level, the children will have no problem understanding the operation of the tasks. Out of the field, it will be a great opportunity for them to improve their English level and learn everyday expressions with other kids and coaches.

For the training session, how do you make groups?​
The participating childrens are divided into different groups by the age and football skills level. In order to offer the best football experience for the children, the football camps put the kids with the same age and same level into a same group so that they can develop the full potential altogether easily with fun during the training and matches. ​

What happens if a player is injured? ​
If a player is injured in any case, there will be medical care provided by the organization company of the camp. The player will be treated inmediately and family will be notified immediately if it is a severe injury. ​

Do the football camps have a special menu for children with any type of food allergy or problem? ​
Yes, they provide some special menus. When you sign up your child on the camp, you need to fill out the form with his/her information including medical issues, food alergy or intolerance, etc. The informations will be kept on record and the children with food restriction will have alternative menu that would not cause any problem.

Who can participate in tournaments? ​
Anyone who wants! NAIS Football gives players and teams the opportunity to participate in ones of the most attractive tournaments in the international scene. ​
If a player individually wants to participate in a tournament and enjoy a unique experience, just contact us. NAIS Football organizes teams led by coaches with great experiences to play the different tournaments. These are the same we offer on our website for football teams. ​
For a team that wants to play with other teams in a tournament, the entire of your team can sign up and compete with the best teams in the world. ​

Is the level of players and teams important when playing in a tournament? ​
Bringing in our professional experiences, we recommend a most fitted tournament for each team or player. NAIS Football is associated with various tournament organizations with different levels, and we will tell you which one would be the right one for you. Ask us and we will be pleased to advise. ​

Can parents travel with their child to the tournament? ​
Sure! NAIS Football organizes the entire trip for you family so the entire family can enjoy an unforgettable experience with their children. Travel to support your children and live the passion of football in a Spanish tournament! Discover the culture, cuisine and the most beautiful places of Spain. NAIS Football will help you to find your accommodation, transport, city tour plans, restaurants, etc. ​

If we join a tournament, are we going to play with top teams? ​
The draw of the tournament will be held before the event. This means that any team can be in your group. It could happen that a top team of the main European leagues is in same group with your team. The European teams are generally very strong and this makes other teams from other continents surprised. We are sure that you will be so excited and satisfied to play with any teams. However, no one knows which team plays with which teams until the organization announced the draw result! ​

​Can we visit the main touristic places before/after the tournament? ​
NAIS Football offer the opportunity to visit the beautiful cities in Spain. We can arrange to extend your stay to combine football with tourism.

During a year, when can my team use training camp facilities in Spain?
Whenever your team wishes if it is available with the facility. We can also offer you the options about where and when to enjoy the best facilities and fields throughout the year. ​

What are the merits having a training camp in Spain? ​
There’re many, but 1) first off, the quality of the facilities and the fields are impeccable. Everything your team would need for a training camp including fields, training equipment, gym, spa, restaurant and so on are at the highest level. 2)The tranquility of the environment and the mild weather is another merit. You can enjoy training at any time of the year due to the unbeatable geographical position. 3) We guarantee the quality of friendly matches your team will have. Face high quality equipment to check the current level and improve it. Lastly, 4) the service offered to the teams. Many years of experience serving world-class teams have made the Spanish training camps recognized as the best one in the world. ​

Do they provide the airport pick up service?​
By the training camp site, they all have different offer. It could be provided free of charge, but some other could arrange the transport with extra charge of transport. You will be fully advised on the options when you contact us.​

Would it be possible to change some food menu for us?​
The meals in the facilities are usually nutritously balanced and take care of the athlete’s food to the last detail. On a special request, they can prepare the meals for a team. ​

How are friendly matches organized? ​
The organization arranges friendly matches with other teams for the dates upon your request. The other teams will be chosen according to the level of your team.

Who is the target of the coach courses? ​
NAIS Football introduces an opportunity to any football coach in the world who wants to improve their skills and knowledge and enjoy training sessions to improve their knowledge. ​

How is the coach course organized?​
The coaches will receive an academic training oriented to get a vision of the Spanish football methodology that brought continuous glory and success to Spanish football teams. Coaches will have theoretical and practical classes and they will be integrated into the weekly daily life of a football team. ​

How long is a course? ​
You can choose the period. There are formations from one-week course to several months course. ​

Where do I stay and sleep for the course? ​
NAIS Football and the organizing companies will provide you several options of accommodation to stay in a pleasant environment, near the facilities where the courses are conducted. However, you can get one at your own as well if you want. ​

Can I have a chance to watch La Liga matches? ​
Upon your request, NAIS Football and the organizer company can include your attendance to La Liga matches in your course program​.