Consent to the Privacy Policy

[Required] Consent to collection and use of personal information

In regard with the receipt of queries of NAISFootball (herein after referred to ‘the Service’), I have read the following and accordingly consent to collection and use of my personal information as below.

1. Personal Information Items to be collected
Information provided directed by the users such as name, contact number, email address and so on in the Contact us query form.

2. Purpose of collection and use
NAISFootball shall not use the provided personal information for any purpose other than that which you have previously agree to.

3. Sharing collected information
In principle, NAISFootball will not provide personal information to a third party without the user’s prior consent.

4. Period of retention and use of personal information
Personal information such as name, contact, and e-mail information shall be retained for one year only for the purpose of providing this service. When a user does not want the Service anymore, the concerned person’s information will be discarded and destructed so it would not be read nor used.

5. Right to refuse the consent and disadvantage of refusing the consent
The user has the right to refuse to consent to collect and use personal information, and there is no separate disadvantage for rejecting the consent. However, it is impossible to use the service or there will be restrictions on the service provided according to the purpose of using the service.

6. Protection of personal information of children
In principle, NAISFootball does not collect any information from the children under 13 or equivalent minimum age as prescribed in the laws in relevant jurisdiction.

(Additional procedure for collecting personal information from children)
However, if the NAISFootball collects any personal information from children under 13 or equivalent minimum age as prescribed in the laws in relevant jurisdiction for the services, NAISFootball will go through the additional procedure of the followings for protecting that personal information of children:

• obtain consent from the parents or guardian of children so as to collect personal information of children or directly send the information of products and services of the Company
• give the parents or guardian of children a notice of Company’s policy of privacy protection for children including the items, purpose and sharing of personal information collected
• grant to legal representatives of children a right to access to personal information of that children/correction or deletion of personal information/temporary suspension of treatment of personal information/ and request for withdrawal of their consent provided before
• limit the amount of personal information exceeding those necessary for providing the Service

7. I understand and agree in detail to the consent to the collection and use of this personal information.